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Deities Anonymous

When the Gods lose control of the Software That Runs the Universe, even humans are hard pressed to save them!

There’s the world we know…and then there’s the world that makes our world function. At least on the good days. The bad days just tempt the Gods to fire up the Software That Runs the Universe and scrap the whole Universe thing as being in truly poor taste. The only one really on the human’s side? The Devil Incarnate…and she’s getting kind of burned out and may need your help soon.

The Future Night Stalkers Stories

The year 2352 A.D.
The Night Stalkers still fly, except now their battlefield spans the solar system. Freedom, justice, truth, happiness: all lie in their hands. Or maybe it’s in the hands of their Stinger-class ships that are slowly becoming sentient but have decided not to tell their pilots.

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