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About the Author

USA Today and Amazon #1 Bestseller M. L. “Matt” Buchman has 70+ novels in action-adventure thrillers, and contemporary and military romance. Also 100 short stories and lotsa audiobooks.

PW declares: “Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more.” Booklist says: 3x “Top 10 Romance of the Year” and among “The 20 Best Romantic Suspense Novels: Modern Masterpieces.” NPR and B&N say: “Best 5 Romance of the Year.”

A thirty-year project manager with a geophysics degree, he’s designed and built houses, flown and jumped out of planes, solo-sailed a 50’ sailboat, and bicycled solo around the world…and he quilts.

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Championing the Human Spirit

  • 1975 – a dear friend beat this phrase into my head: “Treat others the way I wanted to be treated.”
  • Earth Day, 1986 – a new employee put up a large “Think Globally. Act Locally.” poster above her desk in my clear line of sight. And I started thinking about how I could do that.
  • 1986-2012 – During my corporate years, I strove to create office and manufacturing systems that made people’s work lives easier and more pleasurable. Automating the grunt work out of their lives became my “Act Locally.”
  • 1993-the future – My writing is my “Think Globally.” In each story, I try to find that essential core of hope and ability and passion, and exemplify that. I hope that these stories inspire you to find your own “Act Locally”, and to discover new ways to Champion the Human Spirit. That is why I write.
  • To semi-quote Zaphod Beeblebrox: “Don’t be amazing. Be amazingly amazing!”