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The Worlds of M.L. Buchman

The simple explanation is…there’s no simple explanation. However, there’s one thing that connects all my stories (kind of like the One Ring to Rule Them All) but way nicer. I write stories of: Strong Women and the World They Deserve!

So if you want to:

  • Plunge into harrowing action-adventure thrillers? Miranda Chase is your gal (a military air-crash savant).
  • Fly high with the US Special Operations helicopter regiment of The Night Stalkers? Or really delve into the Emily Beale Universe. (Who started the Night Stalker series, but later became a helitack wildfire firefighter…just sayin’.)
  • Find out why TV’s national chefs are dying on air? Join Kate Stark in the Dead Chef series.
  • Go for a romantic stroll along the Oregon Coast, wander through the fashion and food center of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, or find true love under Montana’s Big Sky? Then M.L.’s contemporary romances are your key to fun.

Where and what formats?

  • All titles are available at all major retailers: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, !ndigo/Chapters, Kobo, WalMart, Waterstones…you get the idea.
  • Every title is available in print.
  • Over 35 titles are available in audio (and more every month).
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What’s hot off the presses?

Miranda Chase action-adventure rules the sky!
Miranda Chase thriller series

DRONE – Meet the team as they struggle to save the future before the future of drone warfare wins. (Amazon #1 bestseller) “Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more.” -PW

THUNDERBOLT – Jeremy is at the center of the battle to save the past with the most dangerous ground assault jet ever devised.

CONDOR – Aboard the world’s greatest cargo plane, can Holly’s past stop a future war?

GHOSTRIDER – The most lethal gunship ever devised could start the next war.

For more information: Click here!

The Bike book rides in at last!

(Released: October 2019…after only a 25-year wait!)

Cutting-edge computer systems designer. Crisis project manager. Consultant to the Fortune 100. Utter workaholic.

Before he became a writer, M.L. “Matt” Buchman had dreamed of traveling the world by sailboat or small plane. Not once did he think about doing it by bicycle — not until he lost everything: career, house he’d been remodeling for the family he never had time to find, sense of self, all of it.

Broke and burned out at thirty-five, he sold everything, climbed on his bicycle Junior, and together they headed out on a journey of unknown duration.

His one guide? Following the setting sun west.

11,000 miles through eighteen countries. A voyage of adventure, discovery, and rebuilding a life. But mostly? A journey of discovering hope and the unexpected possibilities of the future.