Tools for Writers

These are a few of my favorite things!

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This is the best keyboard I’ve ever used. After 30+ years in IT and 20 of it using the Microsoft Natural keyboard, I started getting wrist pains when I became a full-time writer. It took 3-4 frustrating days to adapt to the Kinesis keyboard, but by the end of two weeks I was typing faster and the wrist and shooting arm pain was simply gone. I can type 10k words in a day and be sore and tired…but not hurting. Utterly fantastic!

Also love the Touchpad I use with it!


The product so amazing that I bought a Mac to use it? Vellum e-pub layout tool. Simply astonishing. Beautiful layout and with a single click you can generate multiple versions with unique links for every store. And building box sets just became trivial. It does print now as well…ooo, so purty!

No. Don’t bother with the demo. Just click and BUY IT NOW!



My machine away from home! I’ve traveled with my Microsoft Surface 3 with Type Cover for a month at a time. I’ve written entire novels on it and use it all the time to write at the beach or the library. I’ve been extremely happy with the little beast and highly recommend it or one of its kin.

And if you’re going to be a long way from a power source, this is the battery you want. The maximum size that you can carry on a plane, it will recharge a Surface twice (one of the only ones that can do it at all) or a half dozen full cell phone charges.  And I carry them in a Pacsafe cross-shoulder bag which is nearly theft-proof and insanely convenient.  And if you’re going really remote (or live in a rural area as I do where power can be dicey), I really like this solar charger.


My Essential Business Bookshelf


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