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Thrill Ride Magazine Is Coming!

And now’s your chance to get in early!

  • A dedicated Thriller and Action-adventure quarterly magazine
  • Year One: 45+stories, 30 authors from 5 countries
  • A Thrill on every page.

Stories like:

  • “Windfall” by E. Chris Ambrose: Special Operations weathermen & ancient treasure. Bring on the storm!
  • “The Asset” by David Bruns: When the cost to protect an intel asset escalates sky high.
  • “Three Makes a Crowd” by M. L. Buchman: Three women who were never supposed to meet. (Emily, Kate & Miranda!)
  • “Three Ways to Die” by Rachell Amphlett: Is killing the government’s top crime investigator—three times—enough?
  • “Too Many Idiots, Too Few Boats” by David H. Hendrickson: A jester, a boat, and a hurricane walk into a bar…
  • “Rules of Retreat” by Brendan DuBois: A logical, predictable, utterly terrifying future.
  • …and over 40 more!

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