buchman thriller action-adventure magazine

Thrill Ride Kickstarter ends tomorrow!

Thrill Ride – the Magazine

  • Quarterly Magazine dedicated to action-adventure and thrillers
  • Year One: 45 stories by 30 authors from 5 countries
  • Travel from Victorian London to Ancient Israel. Race through the present and the near future.
  • Relish Honor, enjoy Unlikely Partners, revel where No Western White Males dare go, and survive Betrayal.

Grab these great Kickstarter bonuses before they go away!

  • Get every issue 2 weeks early
  • Be a named villain!
  • Get beautiful hardbacks, a free bonus volume of 10 more great stories previously written by our authors.
  • Add-on a Great Bundle of 13 series openers and story collections for an alarming low price.

It all goes away: Tuesday, 8pm EST. Act now!


buchman thriller action-adventure magazine

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