The Great Chase tabletop game

The Great Chase -tabletop game

After more than ten months of work, The Great Chase tabletop card game is finally ready. And we funded on Kickstarter in just 25 hours. Now the fun can begin!

Become a Character

The Great Chase Tabletop GameFace the Challenges

The Great Chase tabletop game
Blue training, and three levels of difficulty.

The Game

Based on the novels, in fact, actually invented by the characters in Raider (I honestly didn’t see it coming until the characters brought it back in Chinook!)

  • Cooperative Play (Team vs. Game rather than Player vs. Player) – Just like Miranda’s team
  • Solo to 6 players – great for a round of solitaire or a full-on gaming night (makes a cool present for the gamer in your family as well–we plan to deliver well before Christmas)
  • Training deck built in + 3 levels of difficulty (there’s also a rule book and access to a video tutorial)
  • Become the characters! (Though you don’t have to have read the books to enjoy the game.)

The Kickstarter

Unfamiliar with Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. This means that though we’ve designed the game, we couldn’t afford to manufacture it without having the funding in place. (Think of it as pre-ordering the game, just like pre-ordering a book, except we need the money up front.) You choose how much you want to donate, for which we offer various rewards (a copy of the game, free stories, books, etc), then we use those funds to produce the game and deliver a copy to you as soon as it’s ready.

The Great News!

We funded! Whoo-hoo! We can manufacture the core game.

Now the question becomes how much more can we do?

The more pre-orders we get, the more wonderful options (called Stretch Goals) we can offer. These include game upgrades, short stories, books, audiobooks, short stories, more game upgrades, be a character in a story (whoops, already all gone) or novel (still available at this moment)…

So CLICK HERE to check it all out. (The game isn’t available anywhere else.)

Do yourself a favor…Challenge the Game!

The Great Chase tabletop game

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2 thoughts on “The Great Chase -tabletop game”

  1. Richard E. Johns

    Mr. Buchman, Matt.
    Saw a Report 17 Mar 2022) that the Evergreen (Ship) was aground in Chesapeake Bay. Isn’t that the ship that the games were travelling on? What does this mean for eventual shipping of the games to customers?
    Rich Johns
    Alexandria, VA

    1. Hi Rich,
      Actually, Evergreen has 3-400 cargo ships all named “Ever Something“. The games are on the Ever Summit in the East China Sea. The grounded ship is the Ever Forward in Maryland. We’re fine. 😉

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