The Emily Beale Universe – explained

Emily Beale is a major problem, literally!

Major Emily Beale has launched some wonderful series. The problem with the major was…she wouldn’t stop. So, how to make sense of what I call, for lack of a better name, The Emily Beale Universe? The Emily Beale Universe is a complex, multi-threaded beast. Well, not really, but it has snaked through a lot of short stories and other complexities in addition to the main novels. Here are 2 very different ways to tackle it.

The Simple Version

Launch into all of Emily’s primary adventures in order:

  1. The Night Stalkers “Main Flight”: 7 novels starting with The Night Is Mine
  2. Firehawks: 4 novels starting with Pure Heat
  3. Henderson Ranch: a mixed series of 5 short stories and 3 novels starting with Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch
Reading Tip #1: Every novel can stand alone (no cliffhangers).

However, the characters’ growth will make more sense if at least these three core series are read in the order above. The other novels below (and the short stories below those) are mere highlights and amusing side tracks that will not affect the reading of the core novels. Though there are two novel series that, while they may be read afterward, will offer some fun treats if you read them this way:

The “Expanded” Simple Version

Add in two more series (*) for some of her side adventures, and to follow Delta Force’s #1 warrior, Michael Gibson:

  1. The Night Stalkers “Main Flight”: 7 novels starting with The Night Is Mine
  2. * The Night Stalkers White House: 6 short novels which revisit and continue many side characters from the original 7, starting with Daniel’s Christmas
  3. Firehawks (Emily’s & Mark’s lives continues): 4 novels starting with Pure Heat
  4. * Delta Force (Michael’s life continues): 4 novels starting with Target Engaged
  5. Henderson Ranch (Emily, Mark & Michael in later days): 5 short stories and three novels starting with Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch
The “Add-on Packs” to the Simple Version

Emily and Mark feature prominently in many short stories, and brushed against two more series. Reading these in a clump after finishing all of the above will work just fine without missing anything.

  1. Follow Emily in and out of several short story series:
    1. The Night Stalkers 5D stories: Heart of the Storm, Beale’s Hawk Down, Emily’s First Flight
    2. The Night Stalkers Wedding stories: all
    3. The Night Stalkers CSAR stories: Just Shy of a Dream, Swiftwater Rescue
    4. The White House Protection Force stories: Dilya’s Christmas Challenge
  2. White House Protection Force, she’s almost completely behind the scenes, but Dilya takes on a major role.
  3. Shadow Force Psi  includes Emily in two of the series titles: At the Quietest Word (#2) when a film shoot goes to Henderson’s Ranch, and At the Clearest Sensation (#4) when a film shoot goes very, very wrong.
Reading Tip #2: All of my characters age in real time.

This means that if a book appears 18 months after an earlier book, then approximately 18 months will have passed in the various characters’ worlds as well. This doesn’t always hold true, but it’s close. There is a complete bibliography but it includes all of my series across many genres, not just the EBU.

So, if you want to read every tale (novel or short story) in The Emily Beale Universe, in its exact proper order in the timeline, you get:

Emily’s “Full-on” Definitive Version
  • The Night Is Mine (Night Stalkers “NS” #1)
  • Emily’s Wedding (written 5 years later)
  • I Own the Dawn (NS #2)
  • Ghost of Willow’s Past (story that ties into I Own the Dawn)
  • Kee’s Wedding (written 5 years later)
  • Daniel’s Christmas (NS White House “NSWH” #1)
  • Wait Until Dark (NS #3)
  • Just Shy of a Dream (written 8 years later, but fits right here)
  • Connie’s Wedding (written 5 years later)
  • Frank’s Independence Day (NSWH #2)
  • Peter’s Christmas (NSWH #3)
  • Take Over at Midnight (NS #4)
  • Heart of the Storm (Mark and Michael’s buddy origin story – though this occurs several years before The Night Is Mine, this story and the next one should be read here)
  • Beale’s Hawk Down (Emily and Mark origin story)
  • Pure Heat (Firehawks “FH” #1)
  • Light Up the Night (NS #5)
  • Full Blaze (FH#2)
  • Bring On the Dusk (NS#6)
  • Hot Point (FH#3)
  • Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch (HR #1)
  • Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch (No Mark or Emily, but a key part of the series) (HR #2)
  • Target Engaged and the rest of the Delta Force quartet for Michael Gibson’s continuing story (Delta Force #1-4)
  • Flash of Fire (FH#4)
  • Brief mentions in: Zachary’s Christmas, Roy’s Independence Day, Damien’s Christmas (NSWH #4-6)
  • By Break of Day (only mentioned, but it ends the series) (NS #7)
  • Wild Fire (FH #5)
  • Nathan’s Big Sky (HR#3)
  • Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch (HR #4)
  • Big Sky, Loyal Heart (HR #5)
  • Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph (story with Mark-unnamed, overlaps Big Sky, Loyal Heart)
  • Finding Henderson’s Ranch (just Mark) (HR #6)
  • Off the Leash, On Your Mark, In the Weeds (Dilya novels, with Emily’s hand behind the scenes) (White House Protection Force #1-3)
  • Emily’s Christmas Gift (HR #7)
  • Dilya’s Christmas Challenge (pairs with story above)
  • Big Sky Dog Whisperer (HR#8)
  • First Day, Every Day (sequel to Ghost of Willow’s Past)
  • Between Shadow and Soul (a key Michael story – with Dilya along)
  • At the Quietest Word (Shadow Force: Psi #2)
  • At the Clearest Sensation (Shadow Force: Psi #4)
  • Emily’s First Flight (an origin story, but best read, as written, here)
  • Swiftwater Rescue (more Michael Gibson and a bit of Emily)

Honestly, this wasn’t intentional. I blame it all on Emily’s refusal to let a good story go. And now I’m getting worried about my newest action-adventure heroine Miranda Chase doing something similar. Though Miranda is a very focused gal, so maybe not.

Bonus Reading Tip: There’s more.

There are numerous stories and some novels that are in this world, but don’t involve any of these main characters, so aren’t included here. (Some of these were cherry-picked into the list above, but most were not.) You can explore those on these pages:

  1. The Night Stalkers: “The Night Stalkers 5E” and “The Night Stalkers and the Navy” novels, and several short story series (best read after the #1 Main Flight series). Astute readers will pick up on Luke Altman of the Night Stalkers 5E in Beale’s Hawk Down and Fire Light, Fire Bright from the Firehawks Hotshots #1.
  2. Firehawks: The “Firehawks Smokejumper” novels and 3 short story series (best read after the main Firehawks series)
  3. Delta Force: Short story series (best read after the Delta Force series)
  4. Shadow Force Psi: Four novels (best read last of all the novels)
  5. White House Protection Force: Short story series (ongoing)