a political action-adventure technothriller

Release Day: Chinook

A Fine Day to be a Miranda Chase fan Miranda and the team are back…and in more danger than ever. In her world, an airplane crash is never what it first appears. A shattered Ghostrider gunship that explodes on impact kills everyone…or does it? A firefighting helicopter downed by an exploding tree should be simple, …

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Thunderbolt thriller

Thunderbolt is about to strike!

Miranda Chase #2 The best ground-attack support fighter jets ever built—the A-10 Thunderbolt “Warthogs”—are falling out of the sky. The Air Force brass repeatedly schemes to decommission this low-tech jet. They’ve been blocked by soldiers, pilots, and Congress…so far. The “Hog” lies at the crux of a high-tech struggle for power. An interagency skirmish that …

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