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Cookbook from Hell: Reheated

Cookbook from Hell: Reheated

Series: Deities Anonymous, Deities Anonymous Novels, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, SF&F
Tag: Novel
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781496143433

After 14 billion years of cleaning up after God, the Devil is having a mid-life crisis. Before she can settle into a proper state of self pity, a Buddhist Hungry Ghost steals the Software that Runs the Universe, and it all goes to Hell from there.

About the Book

When God cheats at Scrabble, does Hell freeze over?

After 14 billion years of cleaning up after God, the Devil descends into a mid-life crisis. Before she can settle into that perfect state of self-pity, a Buddhist Hungry Ghost steals the Software that Runs the Universe. And it all goes to Hell from there.

She quickly assembles her crisis team:

  • St. Peter – hacked his way out of Purgatory, been running Heaven ever since
  • Valerie – a Seattle cookbook editor, changed forever by the Cookbook from Hell
  • Eric – her IT guy, now sees his formidable boss in a whole new light
  • Henrietta – a foot-tall angel with a talking disorder—she never shuts up
  • The Librarian from Hell
  • Assorted demons, angels, philosophers, and other persons both dead and living

From the Pacific Northwest, to Hell, Heaven, and back. Let the race to stop Armageddon begin.


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Fun Interview on Authors on the Air Radio!

M.L.Buchman on Authors on the Air radio (click to listen)

Pam Stark and I had a great time talking about the origins of some of my series, a bicycle trip around the world, the writing process, and why I’m so fascinated by strong women. It’s a fun listen!