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Release Day: On Your Mark

The dogs of the White House Protection Force are on the job again. In Off the Leash Thor and Linda saved the day, even as she lost her heart to Clive, the master chocolatier.

Now, in M. L. Buchman’s latest, it is up to Malcolm the English springer spaniel as his nose guides his handler Jim straight into the new driver of The Beast. Only the very best are selected to drive the President’s limousine and that absolutely describes Reese Carver. But being the best driver, doesn’t help her steer a clear path through her life.  Only together can they save their lives and their hearts.

On Your Mark

On Your Mark

The real secret to the safety of our White House and our nation lies in the hands of a secret team who operate deep behind the scenes putting their lives and their hearts at risk.

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“Then the dogs,” Reese interrupted his memories.

“Then the Army. Drove HETS—that’s Heavy Equipment Transport System.”

“Don’t know those either.”

“Big trucks. Seriously big,” he liked sitting with her as if they did this all the time.

“You’re a trucker kind of guy,” Reese concluded and went silent as if the interview was now over.

“Was. Now I’m a dog kind of guy.”

“Makes you the black sheep of the family,” she nodded once to herself. She now had him well pigeonholed. He didn’t know if that was comforting or irritating.

“Black dog—or brown-and-white in Malcolm’s case—but yeah.”

New Release: Roy’s Independence Day

The latest adventure in the Night Stalkers White House Holiday series is now available! Grab it! Read it! Enjoy!

Travel from the White House roof to the skies with Kee Stevenson (the heroine of I Own the Dawn) and off to Paris. Danger, romance, and just some good fun as true love finds Roy and Sienna on Independence Day.

Roy’s Independence Day

Roy’s Independence Day

Series: The Night Stalkers, The Night Stalkers White House novels (complete), Book 5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tags: Christmas and Holidays, Novel
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 0692739637
ISBN: 9780692739631

A new holiday romantic adventure unfolds when White House sniper is detailed with protecting the new National Security Advisor and both are swept off their feet to Paris.

About the Book

-a Night Stalkers White House romance-

NAME: Roy Beaumont
JOB: Secret Service Counter Sniper

NAME: Sienna Arnson
JOB: National Security Advisor

When Sienna Arnson joins President Peter Matthews ‘ senior staff, she feels supercharged by the challenge. If she could fly, she would. Succeeding as the best NSA ever strikes her as a good goal…to start with.

Roy Beaumont views D.C. from his sniper station atop the White House roof and has never looked further.  When Senior Agent Frank Adams drags him from his high perch to protect the new NSA, he discovers a new target centered in his sights.

Together they discover the true meaning of Roy’s Independence Day.

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