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Lifeboat Love

Lifeboat Love

He’s swimming to save your life, but he’s lost his heart.

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Big Launch Day

Shadow Force: Psi #1 & #2

Nothing Found

Yes, it’s time for them to come out of the shadows.

At the Slightest Sound
Serialized over the summer, it’s now out as a complete volume.

At the Quietest Word
Their adventure continues as Ricardo and Michelle must brave such exotic locales as: a ranch in Montana (hint, hint) and a lethal mission into the Honduran jungles.

With a little help from our old Henderson’s Ranch pals, Shadow Force: Psi is finally getting their feet under them—though their thoughts and their hearts are running away from them.

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Heart of the Cotswolds

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New Release: In the Weeds!

The Dogs of the White House Protection Force are on the job again. This time, a Secret Service officer and a pint-sized (but don’t be calling her that) Marine Corps major mix it up as they race to save the President’s life.

Don’t miss this stand-alone installment in the riveting “Dogs” trilogy begun with: Off the Leash and On Your Mark.

In the Weeds

In the Weeds

Dogs, drones, and a sexy Marine Corps major. What else could go wrong with Secret service agent Colby Thompson’s day?

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About the Book

-White House Protection Force Romance #3-

The White House Protection Force leaps into danger! Come meet the behind-the-scenes specialists who keep our White House safe—even while they risk their hearts.

Colby Thompson likes nothing better than his Secret Service patrol of the White House’s South Lawn with his trusty German Shepherd, Rex. The role fits them both down to the ground.

But when his childhood nemesis Marine Corps Major Ivy Hanson steps off the Marine One helicopter, his comfortable existence flies apart.

Assigned together, they end up in the battle of their lives to protect the President. But can they step forward to find love, and leave their childhood feud back In the Weeds.

Series: White House Protection Force, White House Protection Force Novels, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel
ISBN: 9781945740862
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All-New Series Launches Today!

The White House Protection Force Saves the Day! Come meet the behind-the-scenes specialists who keep our White House safe—even while they lose their hearts.

White House Chocolatier Clive Andrews takes pride in the subliminal messages hidden in his State Dinner showstoppers. But there’s more than sensual sweets at risk when his heart begins to melt.

Sergeant Linda Hamlin left the Army after a decade of service. As the newest member of the U.S. Secret Service K-9 Team she expected flak. She didn’t expect to be paired with a misfit mutt named Thor. Together they face down bombers, master spies, and a teenage genius.

All of which might be manageable, if not for the handsome chocolatier who teaches her that a little indulgence can be a very good thing.