Flying Is in the Cards

A Write-up

Our game just got a lovely write-up in the local paper: Click to read.

A Super Discount-be in a Miranda story/novel!

We’re in the last four days of the game’s Kickstarter and the time was never better to become a character:

  • Today (Friday) at noon: I will open an opportunity to be in yet another short story. (Two story characters have already been claimed. The first one to be released this weekend to game backers. In October for the general public.)
  • Saturday at noon: 10% discount on:
    • Chat with the author ($20 off)
    • Be a character in a Miranda Chase novel ($50 off)
    • Join the team as a major character in a Miranda Chase novel ($200 off)
  • Sunday at noon: All three will drop another 10% (unless snatched up)
  • Monday at noon: Any unclaimed chat/novel rewards will drop a final 10%
  • Tuesday at noon: The Kickstarter ends and the chance will be gone.

Check it out now at:

A New Collection: Night Stalker 5E Stories

I’m having SO much fun creating these new collections of my short stories. This time, it’s  The Complete Night Stalkers 5E Stories. 

I originally invented the Night Stalkers 5E as a way to tell new Night Stalkers tales without getting all wrapped up in the Emily Beale Universe. Of course, such plans never happen cleanly when characters are involved. In the first book, Connie and Big John drifted over to join the team, but then they shuffled away again to become full-time helo designers at Fort Campbell. Then after losing his Chinook helicopter the Calamity Jane (and finding true love) in By Break of Day, Justin Roberts and his crew arrived in the Calamity Jane II.

Anyway, I had a great time with the four main novels and then the five short stories (another short novel’s worth of tales).

I had already gathered the novels into a bargain book bundle. But in gathering the short stories of the 5E and writing brand-new introductions to each story, I remembered just what fun I had telling them.

Are there more 5E stories coming? I don’t think so. If I do, they’ll be something new and different. But it was certainly a blast to now have both sets put together.

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