Free Fiction on the 14th: Play the Right Cards

The Ides of Matt:
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by M.L. Buchman
-a Delta Force romance story-

Ramiro dreams a simple dream: become a great chef to capture the heart of the best cook he ever met. Now, in just-next-door restaurants in their old neighborhood—the barrios of Medellín, Colombia—he brings a modern twist to catch her attention.

Estela’s worries center on the last gasp of the drug cartels that still haunt her neighborhood. When a pair of American Delta operators start a card game in Ramiro’s restaurant, she wonders if she  too can PLAY THE RIGHT CARDS.

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New Release: Emily, Mark & Montana

They’re back! And they’re still fighting the good fight.

Emily Beale, Mark Henderson, and Michael Gibson are once again leading others to discover love in their own fashion.

Major Emily Beale struggles to excel in her new role as both mother and wife…and a few other things strictly on the QT.

Colonel Michael Gibson’s career reaches a crisis, not that he’s talking about it.

Trainee military war dog Rip naps—he was named for Rip van Winkle, after all—while awaiting inspiration.

Film student turned cowboy Patrick Gallagher just keeps riding through life…until the woman of his dreams threatens to ride off into the sunset without him.

Recently retired war dog handler for Delta Force,  Lauren Foster sets herself a simple mission: forget about the Army, get back to New York City, and try to be a civilian.

But first, Lauren must escape Montana before she gets caught by the Big Sky and a loyal heart.

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Free Fiction on the 14th: Operation Rudolph

The Ides of Matt:
A free short story,
every month from the 14th-20th.

DELTA MISSION: Operation Rudolph
by M.L. Buchman
-a Delta Force romance story-

In three days, Betsy retires from a decade as a Delta Force tracker and shooter. But a training mission gone wrong…or perhaps “strange” is a better word…sets her one last challenge.

St. Nick’s lead reindeer,  whose name is actually Jeremy, has gone missing. The dangerously handsome chief herder elf, Horatio, needs the best tracker in any world.

Is Betsy hallucinating?
Can Christmas be saved?
Is there enough time left for: DELTA MISSION: OPERATION RUDOLPH

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Kee’s Wedding

Kee’s Wedding

Kee’s and Archie’s wedding should be more straightforward that taking on a Taliban convoy. But when old fears soar to the surface, everything goes on the line.

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New Release: Delta Force is back! In Force!

The most dangerous military team
on the planet is back in action!

This time it isn’t just their lives on the line.

Sergeant Duane Jenkins lives to blow shit up—it totally makes his day when his team is assigned to take down any enemy stronghold…in style.

But the exotic Sofia Forteza—a wine heiress hiding from her family—blows up his world. An agent for the Intelligence Support Activity, she leads him on his most dangerous mission ever.

The Oregon Wine Country?!?
It isn’t long before they’re both in over their heads and—for the first time ever—must both rely on someone else to survive.

Survive the adventure…but lose your heart!

Wild Justice

Wild Justice

Delta Force—the best counterterrorism force on the planet—must take down a massive human-trafficking ring and a corrupt Venezuelan spy agency—without leaving a trace or losing their hearts.

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About the Book

(a print version will be available on release day, Oct 17, 2017)

-a Delta Force romance-

They’re the best counterterrorism force on the planet.

• Elite Delta operator—explosives just make him grin •

• Top Intel Analyst for The Activity—thinks data is sexy •

The team must face their toughest mission yet: take down a massive human-trafficking ring and a corrupt Venezuelan spy agency—without leaving a trace.

Sofia and Duane.
In common: black sheep of extremely wealthy families, renegades against the status quo.
Differences: tactician vs. explosives expert, thinker vs. pure warrior.

Together: fight to keep their team alive, and their love.

Series: Audio, Delta Force - audio, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel
ASIN: B074319W2Y
ISBN: 1945740299
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