New Release: Drone (+ rave reviews)

Some red-hot raves:

“Superb! This will appeal to Buchman’s many fans.”
– Booklist, starred review

“Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more.”
– Publishers Weekly

“The best military thriller I’ve read in a very long time. Love the female characters.”
– Sheldon McArthur, founder of The Mystery Bookstore, LA

Drone – new series, Miranda Chase #1

military technothrillernot the heroine you expect.

 A US Air Force C-130 transport plane, bearing top secret cargo, lies shattered in the Nevada desert at Groom Lake. China’s prototype fifth-generation jet fighter goes missing.

Far above, a US supersonic, stealth drone flies a very lethal Black Op. The CIA, the US military command, and the secretive National Reconnaissance Office are all locked in a battle for control of the nation’s future.

Miranda Chase, the National Transportation Safety Board’s air-crash savant, lands in the center of the gathering maelstrom. Burdened with a new team and a polarizing personality, she must connect the pieces to stay alive. And she must do it before the wreckage of her past crashes down upon her and destroys US-China relations forever.



Series: Miranda Chase, Miranda Chase novels, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Novel

The lead NTSB investigator—trapped between a stealth drone and a hard crash. The heroine you never expected.

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Big Launch Day

Shadow Force: Psi #1 & #2

Nothing Found

Yes, it’s time for them to come out of the shadows.

At the Slightest Sound
Serialized over the summer, it’s now out as a complete volume.

At the Quietest Word
Their adventure continues as Ricardo and Michelle must brave such exotic locales as: a ranch in Montana (hint, hint) and a lethal mission into the Honduran jungles.

With a little help from our old Henderson’s Ranch pals, Shadow Force: Psi is finally getting their feet under them—though their thoughts and their hearts are running away from them.

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