The Night Stalkers

The beginnings of The Night Stalkers. Where romance, action, and danger take flight with the 160th SOAR. (Based on the real-life Special Operations secret helicopter regiment.)

The Night Stalkers Special Features
Ghost of Willow’s Past
The Sword of Io
The Night Is Mine
Love Behind the Lines
Emily’s Wedding
Daniel’s Christmas
Man the Guns, My Mate
Flying Over the Waves
I Own the Dawn
Kee’s Wedding
Dawn Flight
Frank’s Independence Day
Night Rescue
Connie’s Wedding
Second Chance Rescue
Heart of the Storm
Since the First Day
Night and Day
Wait Until Dark
Peter’s Christmas
Heart’s Refuge
Take Over at Midnight
Christmas at Steel Beach
Guardian of the Heart
Beale’s Hawk Down
The Christmas Lights Objective
Flight to Fight
Sergeant George and the Dragoon
Light Up the Night
Zachary’s Christmas
Mirror-Moon Light, Mirror-Moon Bright
Love in a Copper Light
Circle ‘Round
Bring On the Dusk
They Taught Us Wrong
Roy’s Independence Day
The Complete Night Stalkers 5E Stories
Just Shy of a Dream
First Day, Every Day
By Break of Day
Team Black Sheep
Damien’s Christmas
Survive Until the Final Scene
Christmas at Peleliu Cove
Target of the Heart
Flying Above the Hindu Kush
Target Lock on Love
Storm’s Gift
Sweet Tooth
Swiftwater Rescue
Emily’s First Flight
Target of Mine
Target of One’s Own