a political action-adventure technothriller

Release Day: Chinook

A Fine Day to be a Miranda Chase fan

Miranda and the team are back…and in more danger than ever.

In her world, an airplane crash is never what it first appears.

  • A shattered Ghostrider gunship that explodes on impact kills everyone…or does it?
  • A firefighting helicopter downed by an exploding tree should be simple, except when it isn’t.
  • An airshow crash in front of a capacity crowd might be a simple mechanical failure—or a prelude to war!

Fly with Miranda and Jeremy, Holly and Mike, and Andi, who joined the team in Raider, as they race to solve four crashes at once: one in the past, two in the present, and one that hasn’t happened yet—the last could be the worst of all.



Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win.

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About the Book

When a crashed helicopter could start a war—Miranda Chase is the woman to save the day.

When the fastest and most powerful helicopters in the US Army’s fleet start falling out of the sky, autistic air-crash genius Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB investigators are called in.

One crash leads to another and they are fast entangled in a Chinese conspiracy to start a war over Taiwan. Only Miranda’s team can stop the trade war from becoming a real one.

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