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Action-Adventure / Thrillers

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The autistic plane-crash investigator fighting battles she can't understand, which no one else can win.TV's top chefs are dying on air. Only one woman can save them, if her goose doesn't get cooked first.

Romantic Suspense




The Night Stalkers secret helicopter regiment flying where no one else dares, and the woman who was so good they couldn't keep her out.When the firefight isn't only in the forest, these specialists fly to the rescue.When no one can know they were there, send in Delta Force...if the team can survive each other.

Related Series

Retiring from the military to a Big Sky ranch does not mean the adventures over.The Secret Service dogs who save the day, and help their "masters" discover their hearts.When the first paranormal soldiers pull together, everything lands on the line.

Contemporary Romance

Seattle's Pike Place Market, where hopes that were never dreamed can come true.Small-town Oregon Coast feels as big as the wide Pacific to those who live and love along its shores.A B&B that only shows up when the heart most needs it.

More from M. L.

When the Software that Runs the Universe launches the Armageddon subroutine, only the Devil can save us...and She's pissed!Stories of ice, oceans, adventure, romance...or just plain fun.No nonsense references for writers and other artists.

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Still not sure where to start, check out these TIPS.

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