Wild Fire


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The riveting and heartwarming conclusion to the acclaimed series.

“That is how you wrap up a series. (This) was eloquent and beautiful and heartbreaking and fabulous.”

Gordon Finchley knows he’s toast when he crashes his firefighting helicopter into a wildland forest fire. Newly-arrived Ripley Vaughan almost negates his near-miraculous survival when she barely misses slicing him in two with her massive Erickson Aircrane helicopter during rescue.

In deepest irony, a wildfire sweeps over their base camp on Ripley’s first full day. It should be getting better—yet it’s getting worse. Before long, she’s on the far side of the Pacific and losing the battle against both the fire and Gordon’s effect on her heart.

In this riveting wrap-up to the Firehawks series, the entire Mount Hood Aviation heli-attack squad needs all their skills to not get burned by the ultimate wildfire.

“M. L. Buchman is one of the best military suspense/romance writers on the market.”

“With a spectacularly satisfying ending, this will thrill Buchman’s many fans and all action romance readers.” – Booklist

[Can be read stand-alone or in series. A complete happy-ever-after with no cliffhangers.]

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