Where Dreams Continue


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Five stories about finding meaning and romance in Seattle’s eclectic Pike Place Market.

  • Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate – When a chocolatier gets a taste for a fashion powerhouse, can he capture her dreams in a simple confection?
  • Where Dreams Are Sewn – She has always sewn dreams for others but now she must stitch together her own future if she dares.
  • Where Dreams Are Well Done – When cooking in the country’s top Italian restaurant is no longer enough, can he shape a dish to win her love?
  • Where Dreams Thrive – She found a new mother in Where Dreams Unfold. Now grown, can she find a dream of her own?
  • Where Dreams Begin – Years ago, three college girls came to Seattle for Christmas. Little did they know that it would change their lives forever and set them all on the path where dreams come true.
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