The Complete Henderson’s Ranch (ebook)


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A Big Sky Celebration

5 stories and 3 novels in one fabulous E-read.

Come ride beneath Montana’s Big Sky.

  • Where you’d expect a rancher, you’ll find a retired US Navy SEAL.
  • A disabled war dog handler finds a new dog and new lease on life.
  • A New York chef finds a cowgirl with a knack for building everything except her own dreams.
  • A reporter, after a life “on the outside” tries to make sense of being welcomed inside.
  • A former dog handler who never wants to see a dog again, but gets little choice in the matter.
  • A ranch origin story for a former SEAL and the woman who has shared his life.
  • A Christmas story and a super-secret bonus tale.
  • And finally a new home for a wounded war dog and for the woman who wouldn’t let her die.
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