Mirror-Moon Light, Mirror-Moon Bright


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Mission: Canmerica (East and West) have long since fallen. China and Russia, well, the less said the better. The UK’s vast habitats float safely above the far side of the Moon—and Canmerica’s Delta Force and Night Stalkers have joined them there. No one knows quite what the Australians and Kiwis have done. But the India Particle Beam tyrannizes the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere and must be stopped.


Royal Delta Marine Syra Clairbourne, a third generation Spec Ops pilot.

Royal Engineer Lucius Markham, an Earther who has climbed the gravity well to space for the first time in his life, to fulfill a dream. (Syra instantly labels him “Roodee” for Royal Dweeb Engineer.)

The key to India’s Particle Beam is the massive—and heavily protected—mirror launched into orbit. Using it as a reflector, India has literally burned all of her neighboring rivals from the face of the Earth.

It has been untouchable, until Lucius had an idea. Just as Syra thought her own heart was untouchable…before she met Royal Engineer Roodee Markham.

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