Managing Your Inner Artist / Writer

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-a self-help guide for artists & writers-

Writer, Painter, Photographer, Musician, Designer, Animator, Graphic Artist, Programmer, Screenwriter, Dancer, Environmental Artist, Textile Artist, Composer, Weaver, Sculptor…

For decades, this brother and sister team have studied what works and what doesn’t when trying to convince your Inner Artist to cooperate. No matter what your craft, there are common themes to what works and what doesn’t.

This is a guide of research and practical tips for working with your Inner Artist / Writer in the crazy everyday world of a hundred demands and a thousand more distractions.

 M.L. “Matt” Buchman – the brother

30-year Project Manager and full-time writer

NPR Top 5 Romance Novel of 2012

Barnes & Noble Best 5 Romance 2013

M.L. “Melitte” Buchman – the sister

One of the nation’s top Digital Archivists and part-time tintype photographer & instructor

“Why do we have the same initials? Our mother had a good sense of humor.”

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