Full Blaze


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When fighting a wildfire, how far is one step too many? And what happens after you take it?

“A richly detailed and pulse-pounding balance of fast-paced drama and romance.” – RT Book Reviews

Raised in the Outback, Jeannie Clark fought bush fires in Australia and wildfires in the US. But when she uses her firefighting helicopter to rescue a wildfire photographer she finds more danger than ever before.

Cal Jackson may be an orphan and a foster child of too many homes, but he found his purpose in the heat of a wildfire. Now he fights the flames with a trained eye and a camera.

But not everything is as it seems with their firefighting outfit. The next firestorm they fly into, the covert operation could be even more dangerous than the flaming wilderness.

“Full Blaze hits it out of the park. Marvelous love story. Great adventure.” – Reading Reality

“Suspense filled and action packed story. You can almost feel the burn as the flames wash over our storyline heroes.” – Reading Cafe

[Can be read stand-alone or in series. A complete happy-ever-after with no cliffhangers. Originally published in 2014. Re-edited 2021 for improved reader experience but still the same great story.]

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