The Complete Night Stalkers Holidays (ebooks)

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All 8 Night Stalkers Holidays romantic suspense novels in one great set.

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Eight (8!) novels in one set. Full Retail: $39.99 / You decide what to pay!

Come spend your holidays with us…if you dare!

  • Daniel’s Christmas – seek Christmas peace by flying undercover into North Korea.
  • Frank’s Independence Day – Save the woman you love…from half a world away.
  • Peter’s Christmas – Find out why “true love” is a very dangerous Scrabble word.
  • Christmas at Steel Beach – Follow a ship’s top chef as she races into danger.
  • Zachary’s Christmas – Ski into disaster and avalanche into happy ever after.
  • Roy’s Independence Day – Discover independence with a fiery redhead.
  • Damien’s Christmas – Learn why librarians are the most dangerous of all.
  • Christmas at Peleliu Cove – Enter a race against time in the strangest Navy craft at all.

Eight great love stories set in the Night Stalkers world.

(Re-edited in 2022.)