The Complete Night Stalkers CSAR Stories (ebook)


Ten romantic stories of daring and rescue.

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Ten romantic stories of daring and rescue.

Actually, eight stories and two full novellas!

“Great writer. Love the series. Can’t wait for the next.” – Guardian of the Heart (novella)

The Night Stalkers novels created a world of military romantic suspense. The Night Stalkers Holiday novels put the “action-adventure” into the holiday seasons.

But what happens when the Special Operations Forces they deliver to the most dangerous corners of the world are wounded and must get back out—fast! Combat Search and Rescue flies in. The pilots and medics of CSAR are the people who answer the call when Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, and the 75th Army Rangers dial 911.

All with exclusive introductions by the author! Come join the fun!

Buy now and celebrate the romantic adventure.

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