The Night Stalkers

Adventure! Danger! Passion! …and some really cool bits of flying!

Based on the real-life U.S. Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (airborne), SOAR(a)—”the best helicopter aviation fliers on the planet”—this critically-acclaimed romantic suspense series follows a team that is way out at the tip of the spear.

(Each book stands alone, and may be read in any order.) 

The Night Stalkers Main Flight Novels

The kick-ass heroines too competent to keep off the front lines—and the men they deserve!

  • “Top 10 Romance of 2012” —Booklist, The Night Is Mine
  • “Top 5 Romance of 2012” —NPR, I Own the Dawn
  • “Best 5 Romance of 2013” —Eloisa James, B&N, Take Over at Midnight
  • “Top 10 Romantic Suspense 2014” —Romantic Times, Light Up the Night
  • “The King of military romance does it again!” —Fresh Fiction, By Break of Day

The Night Stalkers and the Navy

The USS Peleliu avoided retirement when the Night Stalkers repurposed the carrier as a floating base for its black ops. And when the Navy crew is called on for aid, they deliver it with all their passion.

The Night Stalkers 5E Novels

The Night Stalkers 5D company of Henderson and Beale fly to Africa and SW Asia. But when it comes to protecting the Pacific Rim, the extreme pilots of the 5E company are called to the fore. And they deliver with all their heart.

The Night Stalkers CSAR Stories

Even the SEALs and Delta Force sometimes dial 911. When they do, the heroes of Combat Search and Rescue fly into the throat of the battle, no matter the consequences. They always get their soldier, but sometimes they lose their hearts along the way.

The Future Night Stalkers Stories

The year 2352 A.D.
The Night Stalkers still fly, except now their battlefield spans the solar system. Freedom, justice, truth, happiness: all lie in their hands. Or maybe it’s in the hands of their Stinger-class ships that are slowly becoming sentient but have decided not to tell their pilots.

The Night Stalkers Wedding Stories

The only thing crazier than a Night Stalkers’ mission? A Night Stalkers’ wedding!

The Night Stalkers - other

Other works related to the Night Stalkers series.