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Night Stalkers Holidays are here!

Yes, it was “The Night Stalkers White House” and “The Night Stalkers and the Navy.” But while reorganizing the Emily Beale Universe, I realized that these eight stories were actually a single continuity. (It was also less confusing if I combined them.)

As part of this re-fresh, I’ve replaced the covers to make them a cohesive set, given each a good read-through, and sent them past two proofreaders. There are no story-level changes.

If You Already Own the Titles

To get the new e-book version for FREE (provided you purchased it from any of the major vendors: Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc): Simply delete the title from your e-reader and re-download. You should be provided with the new title.

To get the new paperback will require a repurchase.

If You Don’t Already Own the Titles

What are you waiting for? These are fun, holiday romps with the side characters made popular by The Night Stalkers original series! (And many visits by fan favorites, too.)

Night Stalkers Military Romantic Suspense

If You Know You Want All 8 of the Titles and Like Saving $$

(and want the author to make more money, even at the discount)

action adventure romantic suspense

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