New Series Launch! Love Abroad B&B (x2)

You’ve heard of Harry Potter’s “Room of Requirement”—a room that only appears when most needed?

Welcome to M.L. Buchman’s “Love Abroad B&B” series—a B&B that can only be found when the heart is ready for true love (whether or not our hero and heroine know it). Book #1 is set in one of my favorite places: the rolling Cotswold hills of England. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel there recently and this book is the result. Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the settings:


Thatch fox on thatch roof in Stanton
Brook Lane in Blockley
Cotswold lambs
The old mill in Lower Slaughter

To say that we had fun researching this book would be a massive understatement. To promise that there are more of these to come is equally true. I hope you enjoy this first adventure to a Love Abroad B&B.

The “Sweet Version” is the exact same story as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed.

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