New Series Launch!! Let’s go to: Eagle Cove!

The Oregon Coast is a strange land

A place where chill summer fogs sweep in on a moment’s notice.06June2-smWhere storms sweep in even faster and with as little warning.
04AprBeachLessShiny-smAnd where sunsets can take your breath away every single time.


Isn’t time to have a little fun on the coast?

Welcome to Eagle Cove.

In this small town: the Judge moonlights as a short-order cook, a Vietnam War correspondent tries to teach journalism to her second-grade class, and a massive, chain-saw art woodpecker clings to the marquee of the one-screen movie house. Learn why all of the streets near the ocean are named for land birds and all of the landward streets for seabirds. And there is something distinctly odd about the large Victorian B&B at the end of town.

Take a visit to the Oregon Coast—which was all that Jessica had planned to do…

Jessica Baxter cherished her big city dreams. If only they were actually coming true. When her mother’s fourth wedding to Jessica’s father draws her back to the small Oregon Coast town of Eagle Cove, she discovers that dreams come in many sizes.

Greg Slater left Eagle Cove to become a high-end chef and his dream lies almost in reach. Back in Eagle Cove he rediscovers home and family. The two paths pull at him. But when Jessica returns to visit, he now must choose between home and his life-long love.

Neither of them expect that the answer might lie in Eagle Cove.

Come join me for the first adventure in the brand new series! (and keep an eye out for the sequel: Recipe for Eagle Cove is coming soon!)

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