New Roadmaps to my series

I finally found a way to show how things fit together in my bigger M.L. Buchman series!

Each of these groupings ties tightly together. While they were written to be read in any order, they do progress through time in this order.

Each groupings within the series ties together much more loosely with the each other.

They may also be read in absolute release order:
click here for The Night Stalkers
or here for Firehawks


NightStalkers-as of July 2015


THE FIREHAWKS (this series spun off from Take Over at Midnight)

Firehawks-as of July 2015

Okay, maybe not the most exciting news, but I realized that when I could no longer think of my own stories in some easy fashion, my readers must be totally flummoxed. So, I hope this helps. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “New Roadmaps to my series”

  1. Nice! Getting ready to start the Firehawks series (tore through the Night Stalkers earlier this year). I won’t say I was flummoxed, but it certainly helps. And anyway, I’m a big fan of roadmaps, so yay.


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