New Release: SOAR flies on!

Yes, it is time for another major release in the Night Stalkers world!

Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016

I find this one to be particularly exciting! Why? As odd as it may sound, because it’s a new aircraft. (Uh-huh. Yep, I can hear you say it. Uh-huh. But just bear with me a moment.)

The first four Night Stalkers novels were about the amazing women and the men they deserve who fly the tough DAP Hawk attack helicopter. The next two were about the women who were a perfect fit for the small, independent Little Birds. There have been side series about the White House, the crew on the USS Peleliu helicopter carrier, and even another outfit.


But By Break of Day launches an entirely new sub-series with the introduction of the crew of the massive Chinook. It is one of the largest and definitely one of the toughest aircraft in any military’s inventory. And that is something for the people to match.

Captain Justin Roberts, the pilot of the massive helicotper meets his match in the team’s new Air Mission Commander Captain Kara Moretti, a wound-up, dangerous daughter of a Brooklyn/Italian cop family. And that she would ever fall for a laid back, over-tall Texan cowboy who has his crew singing songs as they fly into battle, makes her more than a little crazy!

Come join the fun of this brand new release!

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  1. Just a note to tale you, I have read all of you books on my nook, really enjoy all of the series and the connections of the series… You are a talented Author, you keep writing and I will definitely keep reading .. Here is wishing you a long and prosperous life… Thanks for gift of telling stories…Hazel

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