Kickstarter for “Beyond Prince Charming”

One Guy’s Guide to Writing Men in Romance

Yes, I’ve tackled that that thorniest of topics, the Romantic Hero, in my latest non-fiction Strategies for Success series for writers.

Are men clichés on the romantic page? They don’t need to be. Not even when real-life men appear to be clichés of themselves.

Come join the male author of over fifty romance novels (including numerous Top 10 of the Year accolades from B&N, NPR, and various industry reviewers) and a hundred short stories as he explores: Common Tropes – and why they’re wrong (except when they’re right), Guy Speak, Emotions, Physicality, Journeys, Much more

Myths (kinda): grunts, silent, brooding, uncommunicative, punches walls, rampant sex drive (while in a gun fight), arrogant, emotionless, conversation is all about them

Available via Kickstarter two months prior to general release.

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