an Emily Beale military romantic suspense

It’s a “Take Over at Midnight”

This “Best 5 Romance of 2013” (B&N) is back and better than ever! 

This book, #4 in The Night Stalkers series, was a wild one to write. The original series was conceived as filling the four seats of a DAP Hawk attack helicopter with four amazing women:

  • The Night Is Mine – Emily Beale as the pilot
  • I Own the Dawn – Kee Smith as top shooter / crew chief
  • Wait Until Dark – Connie Stevens as a shooter / chief mechanic of the bird
  • Take Over at Midnight – Lola LaRue as the copilot

That all made sense. And the next two books were to be aboard the two-seater MH-6M Little Bird. So I was all set there. Or so I thought. Emily Beale, as always, had several surprises for me. This was the book where she truly stepped into and defined for the rest of the series, the hard-ass commander role–at the same time she took on the mama-bear guardian role.

But that wasn’t enough of a challenge for her. Oh no! Not for Major Emily Beale. She also had to cut her feet out from under herself…which forced her to launch a whole new romantic suspense series of the Firehawks while still making Lola LaRue the chaotic, conflicted romantic heroine fit to take her place. Seriously, the woman needs to take a break. Here Emily and Lola are, back better than ever in this fully re-edited version, to show us how it’s done.

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