Romantic Suspense

Zachary’s Christmas
Wild Fire
Target of One’s Own
Mirror-Moon Light, Mirror-Moon Bright
Team Black Sheep
The Ides of Matt 2014
Hot Point
Lightning Strike to the Heart
Together atop Sapphire Lookout
Love in the Drop Zone
Crossing the Bar
The Complete Firebirds
Christmas at Peleliu Cove
Flash of Fire
Damien’s Christmas
Kee’s Wedding
Flying Beyond the Bar
The Complete Night Stalkers 5E Stories
First Day, Every Day
Road to the Fire’s Heart
The Complete Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-6
Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph
At the Slightest Sound (complete)
Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout
Heart Strike
A Hotshot Christmas
The Christmas Lights Objective
At the Quietest Word