Romantic Suspense

Target Engaged
Roy’s Independence Day
Circle ‘Round
Twice the Heat
The Complete Hotshots
Sound of Her Warrior Heart
Love Behind the Lines
The Ides of Matt – 2016
Cops and Fathers
The Complete Fire Lookouts
Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout
The Ides of Matt 2015
Guardian of the Heart
In the Weeds
Carrying the Heart’s Load: a Special Operations military romance story
Fire Light Fire Bright
Flight to Fight
Since the First Day
Play the Right Cards
Cave Rescue Courtship
Heart of the Storm
Target Lock on Love
Night and Day
Wild Justice
Connie’s Wedding
The Complete Night Stalkers 5E
Wildfire at Larch Creek
Fire Light Cabin Bright
Love in a Copper Light
Her Heart and the “Friend” Command
Midnight Trust
The Complete Dog Trilogy
Beale’s Hawk Down
The Complete Wildfire Smokejumper Trilogy
What the Heart Holds Safe
Emily’s Wedding
Sergeant George and the Dragoon
Lifeboat Love
Target of the Heart