Romantic Suspense

Bring on the Dusk
Christmas at Steel Beach
Way of the Warrior
Man the Guns, My Mate
Light Up the Night
The Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-3 (print)
The Night Stalkers Special Features
Take Over at Midnight
Peter’s Christmas
Firelights of Christmas
Frank’s Independence Day
Ghost of Willow’s Past

Full Blaze

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Full Blaze

Wait Until Dark

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Wait Until Dark
Wildfire at Dawn
The Sword of Io
Looking for the Fire
Daniel’s Christmas

Pure Heat

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Pure Heat

I Own the Dawn

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I Own the Dawn
Heart of the Storm
Target Lock on Love
Since the First Day
Play the Right Cards
Wildfire at Larch Creek
Fire Light Cabin Bright
Night and Day
Wild Justice
Connie’s Wedding
Beale’s Hawk Down
Wildfire Smokejumper Trilogy
Love in a Copper Light
Her Heart and the “Friend” Command
Midnight Trust
Target of the Heart
Zachary’s Christmas
What the Heart Holds Safe
Emily’s Wedding
Sergeant George and the Dragoon