Romantic Suspense

Bring on the Dusk
Christmas at Steel Beach
Way of the Warrior
Man the Guns, My Mate
Light Up the Night
The Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-3 (print)
The Night Stalkers Special Features
Take Over at Midnight
Firelights of Christmas
Peter’s Christmas
Ghost of Willow’s Past
Frank’s Independence Day

Full Blaze

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Full Blaze

Wait Until Dark

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Wait Until Dark
Wildfire at Dawn
The Sword of Io
Looking for the Fire
Daniel’s Christmas

Pure Heat

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Pure Heat

I Own the Dawn

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I Own the Dawn
Christmas at Peleliu Cove
Flash of Fire
Together atop Sapphire Lookout
Love in the Drop Zone
Crossing the Bar
First Day, Every Day
Road to the Fire’s Heart
Damien’s Christmas
Kee’s Wedding
Flying Beyond the Bar
Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout
Heart Strike
The Complete Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-6
Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph
At the Slightest Sound (Part 1/3)
By Break of Day
For Her Dark Eyes Only
A Hotshot Christmas
The Christmas Lights Objective
At the Slightest Sound (Part 2/3)