Contemporary Romance

Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove
The Complete Where Dreams -Volume 1 of 2 (sweet) (print)
They’d Most Certainly Be Flying
Keepsake for Eagle Cove
The Complete Where Dreams -Vol 2 (sweet) (print)
For All Their Days
The Ides of Matt 2014
The Ides of Matt 2015
Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch (sweet)
The Ides of Matt 2017
The Royale Project
The Complete Where Dreams
Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch (sweet)
On Your Mark
Nathan’s Big Sky

Where Dreams Are Born (sweet)

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Where Dreams Are Born (sweet)
Path of Love: Cinque Terre, Italy
The Ides of Matt – 2016

Where Dreams Reside (sweet)

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Where Dreams Reside (sweet)
Finding Henderson’s Ranch
Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch
Where Dreams Are of Christmas (sweet)
In the Weeds