Contemporary Romance

Where Dreams Are Written
Where Dreams Unfold
Where Dreams Are of Christmas
Where Dreams Reside
Recipe for Eagle Cove
They’d Most Certainly Be Flying
Sunrise on ‘The Ice’
Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove
For All Their Days
Sunrise on ‘The Ice’ (audio)
Androcles the Christmas Lion: Betsy
Keepsake for Eagle Cove
The Ides of Matt 2017
South Pole Peaches & Cream
Where Dreams Are Born
The Ides of Matt 2015
Path of Love: Cinque Terre, Italy
In for the Long Haul
The Complete Where Dreams
Finding Henderson’s Ranch
Where Dreams Continue
Nathan’s Big Sky
Emily’s Christmas Gift
The Complete Henderson’s Ranch Stories
The Ides of Matt 2014
The Ides of Matt 2016
Big Sky Dog Whisperer
Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch
The Ides of Matt 2018
Heart of the Cotswolds: England
Twelve Tales of Christmas
South Pole Rescue

Nathan’s Big Sky (audio)

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Nathan’s Big Sky (audio)
Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch (audio)
Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch

Big Sky, Loyal Heart (audio)

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Big Sky, Loyal Heart (audio)
Romance SuperPack
Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch

Big Sky Dog Whisperer (audio)

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Big Sky Dog Whisperer (audio)
Where Dreams Are of Christmas (audio)
Summer of Fire and Heart
Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch (audio)
Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch (audio)
Return to Eagle Cove
Emily’s Christmas Gift (audio)
Finding Henderson’s Ranch (audio)
The Complete Eagle Cove
Emily’s Wedding
Ice Shelf Rescue
Longing for Eagle Cove
Big Sky, Loyal Heart
Ice Shelf Rescue (audio)