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Free Fiction on the 14th: Underwater Christmas

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3 thoughts on “Free Fiction on the 14th: Underwater Christmas”

  1. M L BUCHMAN is a favorite author — for characters, plotting, story development and resolution, and the sense of humor he adds to a sometimes difficult story. This story includes all his strengths, but i need a sequel almost immediately. thanks for giving us this version.

  2. Good Grief — what does moderation mean? I liked it too much? Used too many adjectives/adverbs?This story even made me, an old English major, want to go read up the science — so moderate me as you wish, just ask Matt to keep writing. Thanks for the opportunity to counter.moderate!

    1. LOL! Moderation is that I or my assistant have to approve every comment before it is shown in order to keep garbage off the website. Even after all of the automatic filters are done, I get a crazy amount of “noise” through the website comments. That’s on top of the several hundred e-mails (mostly spam) I get daily. I promise to keep writing (with or without excess adj/adv)! Grin!

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