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Free Fiction on the 14th: Black Box

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Black Box

Black Box

When it’s time to leave the team, can they actually go?

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About the Book

When it’s time to leave the team, can they actually go?

Jeremy’s skills make him ready to leave Miranda’s air-crash investigation team and start his own. But neither Jeremy nor Miranda are prepared for it when the time comes.

Jeremy must take the lead. Miranda must stay behind. The change forces each member of the team to grapple with their own challenges.

Does the answer lie in the black box of a flight data recorder? Maybe it does.

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2 thoughts on “Free Fiction on the 14th: Black Box”

  1. I know it’s a generous gift, but if someone furnished my entire house with IKEA stuff I would be very sad. I don’t like most of their stuff. Also, not having the chance to choose your own things for your first real home? So disappointing.

    1. I actually vacillated on that point. However, as we know Jeremy has no taste at all and Taz wouldn’t know where to begin, it seemed like a great home-starting gift. Also, they are both into efficiency and simplicity, which IKEA is all about. So, I like to think that it worked out well for them. And it did come straight from Miranda’s heart, which is hard for her and made it all the sweeter…so I went with it. With only the exception of our favorite sofa and armchair, we’re very comfortable in our IKEA-furnished tiny home. (Works for some of us and I couldn’t figure out how to make something that scale of generous that would fit everyone.)

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