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Free Fiction on the 14th: Black Box

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2 thoughts on “Free Fiction on the 14th: Black Box”

  1. I know it’s a generous gift, but if someone furnished my entire house with IKEA stuff I would be very sad. I don’t like most of their stuff. Also, not having the chance to choose your own things for your first real home? So disappointing.

    1. I actually vacillated on that point. However, as we know Jeremy has no taste at all and Taz wouldn’t know where to begin, it seemed like a great home-starting gift. Also, they are both into efficiency and simplicity, which IKEA is all about. So, I like to think that it worked out well for them. And it did come straight from Miranda’s heart, which is hard for her and made it all the sweeter…so I went with it. With only the exception of our favorite sofa and armchair, we’re very comfortable in our IKEA-furnished tiny home. (Works for some of us and I couldn’t figure out how to make something that scale of generous that would fit everyone.)

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