Free Fiction on the 14th: What the Heart Holds Safe

The Ides of Matt:
A free short story,
every month from the 14th-20th.

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4 thoughts on “Free Fiction on the 14th: What the Heart Holds Safe”

  1. Heart wrenching . Got to give it to M L Buchman for the ability to bring such feeling to the reader. This, a short story presents a gripping story full of sadness but a promise of happiness. This one will bring you to tears.
    Love love your work.

    1. Thanks so much. I admit to getting sniffly while I wrote this one. Seriously, I often while writing my stories, but this one got to me. “Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky” really slayed me as well.

  2. Matt, you’ve done it again. I’m truly beginning to believe that these true to life characters that you write about are actually live people that you have known for ever. How else could you speak so eloquently for them? As always, the 14th is a red letter day! I love the reference to Snidely Whiplash, too.

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