Free Fiction: The Christmas Lights Objective

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2 thoughts on “Free Fiction: The Christmas Lights Objective”

  1. Carolynn Padgett

    This was my introduction to M.L. Buchman’s work and I am in love (sorry, M.L.’s wife), but I love writers who can capture my interest so well I can’t put the book down! I even read it twice to make sure I had really read what I thought I had read–a style similar to Suzanne Brockmann’s work, with perhaps (?) more technology (I am a technophobe!) but still plenty of heart and romance. I can barely tell one end of a gun or plane from the other and am not sure how to start most computers, but M.L. gives you just enough technology to let you feel you are along for the ride of your life, and the important part–the interaction between characters–is still finely nuanced. Ha! I am rather dense–I just realized the M. of M.L. stands for Matt! Way to go, Carolynn! Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a new author to add to my library. I just wish Matt had more books on Kindle Unlimited so I could read them (my funds for books are nearly non-existent) and review them (probably on Amazon and Goodreads and anywhere else Matt would like. I don’t know what the rest of Matt’s work is like (when I read what I can, I’ll find out!), but “Christmas Lights Objective” rates at least a 4.5 in my book. Amazon doesn’t give half-stars and I think it’s better than a 4.0, so it would get a 5.0. The plot is carried out, the major characters are well developed and even some of the secondary ones and the action is vivid and well described. Oh, and I didn’t catch major grammar goofs, either, but that can happen when I get involved in a writer’s work (not usually the second time, though!). And the real kicker is it’s a fun, fun read for anyone who likes romance, military or Christmas, and this is all three rolled into one! Give Matt’s work a try–he’s got a LOT of stuff out (well over 70 books), mostly depicting American heroes and just plain Americans trying to do a good job and create a family. This guy can really write a great story–I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing as many as I can lay my hands on!

    1. Hello Carolyn, So glad that you enjoyed it. I completely understand about limited budgets. Please go to your local library and ask them for my titles. They’re all available to them. And be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you at least get the monthly stories for free! All the best, ML “Matt” Buchman

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