Free Fiction on the 14th: Flying Over The Waves

The Ides of Matt:
A free short story,
every month from the 14th-20th.

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4 thoughts on “Free Fiction on the 14th: Flying Over The Waves”

  1. I am always suprised at how well you can make me feel the entire emotional impact of the characters. As always the story is awesome. Looking forward to the next one!! Keep it up. You are one of my favorite authors. Thank so much.

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks so much for your kind words. I try very hard to do what you just captured in so few words. Much appreciated and you’re most welcome. ML

  2. The 14th is now my favorite day because I know you will post something new. There is no way I would delay getting to read those stories as soon as they appear and I have never been disappointed. It makes me so happy to read something so enjoyable. Thank you!

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