Firehawks & Firebirds

Fighting wildfires? Easy.
Finding true love? The ultimate challenge.

Firehawk helicopters battle the very worst wildland forest fires, and the teams who fly for Mount Hood Aviation are the very best in the business. Fire, danger, international intrigue—these are only the beginning for these daring men and women. They also must face the discovery of their own hearts.

Recurring “Night Stalkers” characters and a whole new cast of men and women who are the very best; they can only hope they’re good enough.

  • “The action and romance in this book will keep you glued to the pages.” —Fresh Fiction, Pure Heat
  • Top 10 Romance of Spring 2014 —Publishers Weekly, Pure Heat  starred review
  • “Will blow the readers’ minds and leave them awestruck.” —Romantic Times, Pure Heat 4-1/2 stars, TOP PICK
  • “Top 10 Romance of 2015 —Romantic Times, Hot Point
  • “The Firehawks series is superb.” —Donna Seaman, Booklist

And be sure to scroll down to see the Smokejumper novel series and the 3 short story romance series about: Lookouts, Hotshots, and Firebirds!

Emily Beale Firehawks Novels

When the fire is too big or the mission too dangerous, then the time has come to send in former U.S. Army Night Stalker Majors Emily and Mark Henderson. They lead their crew into the hellstorms of wildfire and international intrigue, but only by following their hearts do they make it back alive.

Firehawks Smokejumpers Novels

When a big fire lies beyond anyone’s reach, that’s when they send in the smokejumpers. They parachute to fires but sometimes land where their hearts least expect.

Firehawks Lookouts Stories

The fire lookouts man their lonely towers watching for a tiny wisp of smoke, the first indicator of a fire. But their own hearts are what they must look for most carefully.

Firehawks Hotshots Stories

The helicopters may fly to the fire, but the Interagency Hotshot Crews face wildfire on the ground. It is the fire in their hearts that really stirs everything up.

Oregon Firebirds

The Oregon Firebirds fly to fight wildfire with tactics of their very own. They’re out there to save your homes, even if they risk their hearts.