1. Where to begin?
2. With all that said, is there a definitive Reading Order?
3. Where to play?
4. What’s coming way out there?
5. What is Gumroad?
6. What’s up with Poughkeepsie anyway?
7. Other questions? Give a shout!

1. Where to begin?

The simple answer? Anywhere. All of my books (at least so far) are written to stand-alone. Characters from prior books in the series are often dropping in to keep things lively, but each novel will stand alone.

I write in many series across multiple genres. Here’s a brief guide:

  • The Night Stalkers -military romantic suspense
    The Night Stalkers are the US Army’s real-life 160th SOAR, the nation’s best Special Operations helicopter squadron. These books are about the powerful women who fly for SOAR and the men the deserve. The first book in the series, The Night is Mine, was named “Top 10 Romance of 2012” by Booklist. The series continues to win acclaim.
  • Firehawks -wildland firefighting helicopters, romantic suspense
    A spin-off series from the Night Stalkers, it follows the exploits of the men and woman who fly to fire. A little lighter than the “Night Stalkers” series, it’s still an edge-of-your-seat romance. The journey begins with Pure Heat names the “Best 10 Romance of Spring 2014” by Publisher’s Weekly. Hot Point (released Aug 2015) was named “Top 10 Romance of 2015” by Booklist.
  • Delta Force -a new military romantic suspense series launched December 2015. The first women of Delta Force and the warriors they deserve.
  • Where Dreams (formerly Angelo’s Hearth) -foodie and fashion romances set in the Seattle and the Pacific Northwest
    These contemporary romances are as much about sisterhood as finding the right man, as much about food and fashion as they are about fun and family. The journey begins with Where Dreams Are Born.
  • Dead Chef -foodie thrillers
    These light, fast-paced tales will rip you from the Cooks Network television studios to the White House and a renovated missile silo protected by bowling balls. “Jeff the Chef” launched the series in the semi-stand-alone Swap Out!. In One Chef! Kate Stark took over the network and its full tilt from there as she faces down North Koreans and the G-8 across the kitchen.
  • Deities Anonymous -light fantasy
    When the Devil has a mid-life crisis after fourteen billion years of cleaning up after God. And a Buddhist Hungry Ghost steals the Software that Runs the Universe…well, it all goes to Hell from there. Literally! Cookbook From Hell: Reheated fires off this journey.
  • Single Titles -science fiction and fantasy
    Nara chronicles the power of a single woman to save the world.
    Monk’s Maze leads to who controls the future, especially when it falls into the hands of an unwilling heroine.
  • Short Stories
    Short stories are appearing in each of these worlds. Watch for a free one on the 14th of every month on this website. And the first collection The Ides of Matt – 2014 is now available for pre-order.
  • Non-fiction
    I gave a talk so many times about Writer vs. Publisher thinking that I finally wrote it down in Managing Your Inner Artist/Writer.

2. With all that said, is there a definitive Reading Order?

All of the books do have a definitive reading order, but not really. (Uh-huh.) Okay, let me try to explain.

  • Every book is written to stand-alone.
  • Each of the groupings shown on the individual series pages under “Bookshelf” on the menu above (ex: in The Night Stalkers, The Night Stalkers White House, etc) offer a lot of little bits of on-going character stories if read in order. These are commonly called reader cookies…trust me, they’re actually writer cookies. (So fun!)
  • That said, I write everything in “real time.” So each book and short story fits together in the order they were chronologically released. There are a few minor hiccups, but nothing major.
    • If you read all of a series in the order they are listed on the master bibliography page), then the timeline stays in sync and there are other, smaller bits of on-going character connections from one book or short story to the next. For example, Emily and Mark appear in Daniel’s Christmas and while we don’t get much new about their on-going story, they as evolving characters do remain properly in time between I Own the Dawn and Wait Until Dark. Another example is that the short story Ghost of Willow’s Past actually does occur during a week in the middle of Wait Until Dark and there are other tiny tidbits of that couple that move through the other main novels. So, the various “sub-series” are closely bound, and the overall series is loosely bound.
    • The short stories follow a similar structure. The Firehawks “Lookout” short stories and the “Hotshot” short stories occasionally offer brief glimpses of the main novel characters. And while all of the stories are related, the Lookout stories are more tightly bound together by an evolving community.
  • Spin-off series (so far Firehawks and Delta Force from The Night Stalkers) are mostly self-contained, but they are related. The most direct example is: if you’ve read what Emily says in the last scene in Take Over at Midnight, then you’re set up for the opening scene of Pure Heat in the Firehawks, which also follows it chronologically. Others are less tightly connected.
  • Other series, for example the contemporary romances of Where Dreams and Eagle Cove, are wholly unrelated except for a few tiny, esoteric cookies.  (Ex: in Firehawks Hot Point the hero sees the sailboat that runs throughout the Angelo’s Hearth series and we can hear over the water that they are being happy. This is good news about the characters of Where Dreams as the series was completed before Hot Point occurs.) These are more treats for me the writer, than for the reader, but they’re there.

3. Where to play?

  • Click on “Bookshelf” on the menu above and the series and find a cover and summary of each book as well as what order the books were written in (newest first). Buy links, origin stories, and more can be found there.
  • Behind each book summary is a more detailed entry. It will include back cover copy and a reading sample.
  • There’s audio books too. More coming soon.
  • Other cool links include: Coming soon!, About the Author, and more!

4. What’s coming way out there?

  • There are a few complete series now: Where Dreams, Eagle Cove, and Firehawks.
  • More books are coming every year and in some series every six months.
  • Two new series in Military Romantic Suspense. The launch of my Delta Force series in December of 2015 was very exciting. I have another mil-rom series that I’m hoping to start in late 2017.
  • Henderson’s Ranch, a contemporary romance series that follows Emily Beale and Mark Henderson into retirement launched in the spring of 2017. There are more like it in the future. Stay tuned!

5. What is Gumroad?

There is now a new button in the BUY NOW pages, called Gumroad. It is a direct sales tool from Gumroad.com.

What the Reader gets?
ePub, Mobi & PDF files for the title (yes, all three) at the same price as purchasing the title anywhere else.
What the Writer gets?
25% more money.

Either way, thanks for reading.

6. What’s up with Poughkeepsie anyway?!

The town of Poughkeepsie keeps popping up in my stories. Why? I lived there for six years (7th-12th grade) across the road from IBM’s original plant, the old pickle factory. It’s the sort of town that reminds me of the W.C. Fields quote: “I went to Philadelphia, but it was closed.” I once described it as: “An okay place to live but I’d hate to visit there.” Besides, with a name like Poughkeepsie (Po-kip-sea), how could I not make fun of it.

7. Other questions? Give a shout!



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