Fan Club Freebies

Lotsa cool free bonus gifts for M. L.’s fans!

Why? It’s a way to say thanks. Thanks for liking what we do!

(Note: We’ll be adding additional titles bi-weekly on R&R Thursday, helping the weekend start sooner.)
* PPP = People, Places, and Planes (cast lists, maps, aircraft photos, book club questions)

TitleBonus SceneRecipePPP*Readers Club Video
#1: DroneRead the ScenePizzaPPP
#2: ThunderboltRead the SceneANZAC Apple PiePPP
#3: CondorRead the SceneSyrniki PancakesPPP
#4: GhostriderRead the SceneAt-home FajitasPPP
#5: RaiderRead the SceneDouble Crust Apple PiePPP
#6: ChinookRead the ScenePork DumplingsPPP
#7: HavocRead the SceneKiwifruit Quick BreadPPP
#8: White TopRead the SceneHeadlands Sourdough BagelsPPP
#9: Start the ChaseRead the SceneMa Po Bean CurdPPP
#10: LightningRead the SceneChicken PiccataPPP
#11: SkibirdRead the SceneSalmon FritataPPP
#12: NightwatchRead the SceneShepherd's PiePPPWatch on YouTube
#13: OspreyRead the SceneYorkshire Chicken and Bacon PiePPPWatch on YouTube
TitleBonus SceneRecipePPP*Readers Club Video
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