Fan Club Freebies

Lotsa cool free bonus gifts for M. L.’s fans!

Why? It’s a way to say thanks. Thanks for liking what we do!

Don’t forget to check out the sample Book Club questions under each title on the People, Places, and Planes page.

(Note: We’ll be adding additional titles every other week on R&R Thursday, our part of making the weekend start sooner.)

TitleBonus SceneRecipeReaders Club Video
#1: DroneRead the ScenePizza
#2: ThunderboltRead the SceneANZAC Apple Pie
#3: Condor >Read the SceneSyrniki Pancakes
#4: Ghostrider >Read the Scene >At-home Fajitas
#5: Raider >Read the Scene >Double Crust Apple Pie
#6: Chinook >Read the Scene >Pork Dumplings
#7: Havoc >Read the Scene >Kiwifruit Quick Bread
#12: NightwatchWatch on YouTube
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