A few eclipse photos from first landfall – Oregon Coast

~5 minutes to totality – Fog clearing off

~5 minutes to totality – view of crescent projected on paper

~5 minutes to totality – Me with projection setup (monocular and cardboard)

Almost there



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21 thoughts on “A few eclipse photos from first landfall – Oregon Coast”

    1. There was about a 20 minute gap in the fog…at just the right moment. Apparently the only break on the whole Oregon coast. Thrilled would be putting it mildly.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! We didn’t get the full eclipse in Alabama, so it’s wonderful to see the pictures!

    1. You’ll have another close call in 2024, might be worth ducking over to Arkansas to catch it. Next one in your state isn’t until 2045–seems a little far off to be planning for.

  2. Thanks for the pix. I’m here in Tennessee and watched from my front porch. We only had a slight darkening. Now you have an idea for a story !!!!?????

      1. Thank you for the pictures. It was areal treat. I remember my first eclipse about 65 or 70 years ago on a trip with my grandparents. It brought back happy memories I haven’t remembered in years. It always amazes me how one an event can trigger another event. Thank you again.

        1. I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandfather showing me the partial eclipse back in ’63 or ’64 in New England. One of my favorite memories of him as he died just a few years later.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!! I was wishing I was on the Oregon Coast for this rare event —and for the spectacular scenery!

    1. We were in a tiny fog gap, so we were very lucky. The beach was inundated as was the ridge just 2 miles inland. Most on the coast missed it, but so glad you liked it.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I live 73 miles north of San Francisco. The marine layer, still with us, kept us from seeing anything! I got to watch all the places on tv as the eclipse advance over the US. Amazing to see even on the tv.
    I love reading your books. Thanks for the hours of good reading.

  5. We are in Northern California, near San Francisco, and were fogged in, similar to when I lived on the coast!
    Our daughter moved to Salem, Oregon for Law School and saw the totality perfectly!!
    She said it was clear and crowded!!
    Looking forward to visiting, and maybe someday living, on the Oregon coast. Any suggestions?

    1. If you know the SF fog, then you’re all set for the coast (just add a lot of winter rain and storms). We lean toward the remote so Neskowin, Depoe Bay, Yachats, Seal Rock. If you prefer some more amenities: Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Newport.

      1. Thank you!
        I think we are leaning towards Gleneden Beach near Lincoln City. Our daughter went to a Law conference there for new students at Salishan.

        I have often wondered where you based the Eagle Cove books? I figure it is somewhere remote…

        1. Eagle Cove is a combination of places, more an experience of the Oregon Coast than any particular place. It has pieces of a forest walk along Drift Creek and another east of Tillamook, a drive along Highway 20, a backroad out of Eddyville, Yachats and Waldport, and a few other places. Maybe a few others as well as I’ve tramped, driven, and ridden my bicycle from Astoria along the Columbia to the north and up the Rogue and down to the California border in the south.

  6. I’m on the southwest coast of Michigan & we had 85% totality. We had some clouds roll in but with plenty of breaks to see the eclipse. It looked like your crescent projection. Very cool!

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