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Stark Reflections

I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite people anywhere, Mark Lefebvre. Former King of Kobo Writing Life now with the Draft2Digital publishing platform, beer aficionado, ghost chaser, horror novelist, and all around great person (oh, and he’s Canadian which means that he’s ridiculously polite–he even puts up with me).

Anyway, we just had a great talk on his Stark Reflections Podcast about authorship, goals, writing mottos, estate planning, and so much more. Yep, it’s mostly publishing side stuff, but with Mark it’s always fun!

Full Throttle Creativity

I recently spent a lovely conversation with Kerry Schafer discussing creativity for her podcast on that topic. She named our talk “Full Throttle Creativity” which I really like and may have to steal.

Anyway, it should make a fun listen as it was definitely a fun talk! (many additional links there to your favorite caster)

Thanks again, Kerry!


Estate Planning and More: with Joanna Penn

I recently had the honor (and let’s be serious, total fun) of talking with Joanna Penn about:

    • Estate Planning
    • my own theory of “The Reader Clock”
    • what comes next in e-book sales
    • Being a male romance writer
    • …and much more

Seriously, it was a blast of a talk and hopefully it will be a fun podcast!

Or you can just jump straight into the book!

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