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After more than ten months of work, The Great Chase tabletop card game is finally ready. And we funded on Kickstarter in just 25 hours. Now the fun can begin!

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The Great Chase Tabletop GameFace the Challenges

The Great Chase tabletop game
Blue training, and three levels of difficulty.

The Game

Based on the novels, in fact, actually invented by the characters in Raider (I honestly didn’t see it coming until the characters brought it back in Chinook!)

  • Cooperative Play (Team vs. Game rather than Player vs. Player) – Just like Miranda’s team
  • Solo to 6 players – great for a round of solitaire or a full-on gaming night (makes a cool present for the gamer in your family as well–we plan to deliver well before Christmas)
  • Training deck built in + 3 levels of difficulty (there’s also a rule book and access to a video tutorial)
  • Become the characters! (Though you don’t have to have read the books to enjoy the game.)

The Kickstarter

Unfamiliar with Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. This means that though we’ve designed the game, we couldn’t afford to manufacture it without having the funding in place. (Think of it as pre-ordering the game, just like pre-ordering a book, except we need the money up front.) You choose how much you want to donate, for which we offer various rewards (a copy of the game, free stories, books, etc), then we use those funds to produce the game and deliver a copy to you as soon as it’s ready.

The Great News!

We funded! Whoo-hoo! We can manufacture the core game.

Now the question becomes how much more can we do?

The more pre-orders we get, the more wonderful options (called Stretch Goals) we can offer. These include game upgrades, short stories, books, audiobooks, short stories, more game upgrades, be a character in a story (whoops, already all gone) or novel (still available at this moment)…

So CLICK HERE to check it all out. (The game isn’t available anywhere else.)

Do yourself a favor…Challenge the Game!

The Great Chase tabletop game

Happy New Release Day: White Top!

Miranda Chase #8 has arrived!

White Top

White Top

Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win.

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About the Book

When a political conspiracy targets the White House’s aircraft—only the nation’s #1 air-crash investigators can save the country.

The White Top helicopters of HMX-1 are known by a much more familiar name: Marine One. The S-92A, the newest helicopter in the HMX fleet, enters service after years of testing.

When their perfect safety record lies shattered across the National Mall, Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB crash investigators go in. They must discover if it was an accident, a declaration of war, or something even worse.

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White Top is almost here!

a political action-adventure technothrillerWhite Top
(an excerpt)

Miranda had seen airplane crashes, from two-seater training planes that had tangled into telephone wires to a shattered C-5M Super Galaxy, the US military’s largest transport jet. Curiously, the two extremes had been her first and second solo investigations as a newly certified investigator.

She had traveled from frozen glaciers in the remote wilderness to a shattered apartment complex close by an airfield, and out to remote desert islands.

But the one in Seattle’s McCaw Hall opera house was perhaps the strangest crash site yet.

There was a crash, they’d seen the hole high above the stage from the outside. Except there was little sign of it inside.

They’d come in through the stage right door—the right-hand side as they stood on the stage and faced the seating. The offstage area was empty. A massive, multi-tiered set in the form of a stone castle dominated the stage. Through gaps in the set and side curtains she could see the numerous firemen and their hoses that had been strung into the opera house from the stage left side.

The stage was a hangar-sized space bigger than either of hers, on her island or down at the Tacoma office. What’s more, unlike her hangars, it was a hundred feet high. It extended twenty feet to this side of the area visible from the house seating, and seventy feet to the other. Andi could park ten of their new helicopters in here without overlapping the rotors.

Today was their first local investigation since she’d purchased the MD 902. She’d wanted a chance to study rotorcraft flight dynamics personally, but was also pleased at how conveniently and quickly it had been able to transport them to a crash site. Two major advantages.

Looking abandoned in the middle of the stage, the elaborate set must be for the upcoming production of Turandot. It had never been one of her favorites; Puccini was so overdramatic and the set reflected that. The towering Chinese palace was, in turn, dominated by a great dragon hunched as if ready to attack.

He was now a tragic dragon, scorched and drooping as if burned by his own fire.

Miranda considered for a moment but was unsure if that would count as a joke or not.

Much of the set was scorched; holes burned through the facing material. The exposed innards were incongruously modern supports for an ancient Chinese palace. Everything was either drenched with water or spray foam. It all smelled curiously fresh, like a spring day right after a rain shower.

The proscenium opening that should reveal the house seating was blocked by a vast fire curtain. Its face was also scorched with a splash of fire, though in the wrong configuration to have issued from the dragon.

Jeremy and Taz were crisscrossing the stage to take photographs, hopping over firehoses and dodging rushing rescue workers. Mike and Holly were simply standing and watching them.

Miranda tapped the curtain material, fiberglass over a metal frame. The only thing it allowed to escape into the house was the steady stream of water sheeting across the stage.

Even as she watched, a small group of stagehands rushed in and began laying sandbags along the base to stem the flow. They didn’t have nearly enough and the water simply flowed between them.

The simple solution would be to lay one of the charged firehoses along the entire length. That would hold back up to three inches of water. Was that related to the crash or not related to the crash? She wasn’t sure if she should speak or not.

Probably not.

Knowing that would bother her until she found a new topic to focus on, she pulled out her personal notebook and added an entry: “Research the design, operation, and fire resistance of theatrical fire curtains.”

Then she tucked the notebook away and looked around once more.

Something was missing.

Which she’d always observed was much harder to notice than what was actually there.

It took her two full, slow turns to realize what it was amid the wounded grandeur of the emperor’s palace.

“Where’s the plane?”

Holly pointed aloft as if the plane was still flying overhead.

And indeed, after a fashion, it was.

As her eyes tracked upward, she spotted several artificial trees high in the loft that were still badly scorched like the aftermath of a forest fire.

A hundred feet above the stage, on top of the vast gridwork of steel supports, lay the airplane, or at least the dim outline of one viewed between the gaps.

A plane flying over the charred remains of a fake forest.

How terribly operatic.

White Top

White Top

Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win.

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New Release Today: HAVOC

Brand-new Today! In: e, print, & audio



Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win.

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Here’s a third exciting excerpt:

The landing of the Airbus A330-900neo unfolded with a movie-like slow motion feel—even more painfully drawn out than watching Engine One destroy itself and the wing.

At least that’s how it appeared to Holly as the adrenaline surge slowed her perception of time.

It began with Captain Dani Evers’ landing, so perfectly smooth that it didn’t seem real. Only the screech of the tires accelerating from zero to a hundred and forty knots indicated they were in contact with the runway.

Keeping an eye out the left window, Holly could just see the left-side wingtip continue down, spark against the pavement, then flop onto the ground. Not breaking free, it dragged at that side of the plane.

“Reversers on Engine Two full!” Dani and Quint shouted out in near perfect harmony, trying to slow the right side with the engine enough to match the drag from the broken left wing.

The roar was so loud that Holly’s ears popped.



Holly braced as hard as she could. For once, she truly didn’t appreciate Miranda’s assessment of a plane’s airworthiness. Her eighty-two-point-five percent chance of wing failure on landing had just paid out.


Of course! In flight, the wing was flexing upward with lift. The undamaged bottom skin of the wing had remained under tension. But as soon as that lift was lost on landing, the damaged upper surface couldn’t hold the wing’s weight aloft.

Gods, but Miranda was so good. Holly should have figured that out, but Miranda simply knew it.

But even though she probably knew, Miranda hadn’t said what might happen next.

Holly had seen enough accidents to have a very vivid imagination at this particular instant.

At one hundred knots, the left landing gear let go. The left wing and landing gear broke away and skidded to a halt. The left side of the jet’s fuselage lurched sickeningly down onto the runway. The sudden drag of two hundred and nine feet of aircraft hitting the runway twisted it sideways on the pavement.

However, the momentum of two hundred tons of plane and fuel, twenty-five tons of passengers and baggage, and twenty-five more tons of cargo—all still moving at ninety-three knots, a hundred and seven miles an hour—was not to be denied.

If the landing gear had held, they might have been sent careening sideways across the rough side field into the ocean, but the struts weren’t designed to withstand a force at ninety degrees—to the side—as the plane twisted.

Both the nose gear and the remaining right-side main gear buckled, then tore away at the lateral force.

The aircraft, now sliding fully sideways to the direction of travel, began to roll.

When the right wing slapped down onto the runway, the fuselage’s momentum was still far too great to be stopped so easily.

The wing acted as a lever of resistance.

It didn’t give.

Yet the fuselage had to roll.

It initially sheared in two places.

Immediately ahead of Row 20, at the slight weak spot due to the emergency exits directly in front of the wing, the hull’s structure gave way. At the center of the destroyed cross section, the forward economy-class galley shattered, spraying meal containers and soda cans in every direction.

The occupants of Row 20, Seats D, E, and F, were severely burned by the spray from the shattered coffee machine. They didn’t survive long enough to care when a fully loaded drinks cart slammed into them and caved in their chests.

Seat 20F gave way under the massive blow, and its seatback crushed the occupant in Seat 21F.

Aft of the wing—in the wide gap between rows 41 and 42—the fuselage sheared again, utterly destroying the four mid-cabin lavatories. Passengers for five rows both fore and aft were sprayed with ten gallons of high-pressure toilet disinfectant, staining them bright blue.

With the shearing of the fore and aft sections of the fuselage, the wing pinned the middle section of the fuselage in place. But the plane’s momentum was far from spent.

As of this moment, only the four unfortunates killed by the errant drinks cart had died.

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Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win.

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About the Book

When one of their own is threatened—the nation’s #1 air-crash investigation team enters a race to survive.

An airliner downed on a Pacific atoll. A CIA covert strike team sent in to “clean it up.” An old enemy seeks revenge. This time, the NTSB’s autistic air-crash investigator, Miranda Chase, and her team are in the crosshairs. The action races around the globe as US military airbases become shooting galleries and their lives are placed on the line.

And hidden from sight? A treacherous plan to grab political power and start a new war with Russia in the Middle East. Only Miranda’s team stands in their way, if they can survive.

(print & more audio on release day)

Other Books in "Miranda Chase novels"
Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the page above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."