The Sixth Choice

The Sixth Choice

In a kingdom where a single choice sets a course for life, two teens seek a new choice of their own.

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About the Book

-a YA fantasy romance story-

Hartane the Younger would give anything to not follow in his father’s footsteps. But Elder controlled every step of his childhood toward that purpose. Today Hartane must choose his Lifemark—the vial of potion that sets his one true skill for life—into precisely what Elder demands.

Rania’s heritage as daughter of the Queen and the future ruler of the kingdom constricts her to a single path. Mother’s insistence that she possesses no destiny of her own infuriates Rania to her very soul.

Both dread their ordained options among the five choices. Unless together they can discover The Sixth Choice.

Series: Single Titles, Single Stories F/SF
Genre: Coming of Age
Tag: Short Story
ISBN: 9781949825176
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